27 Dec

Creating a Blank Business Card

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In this tutorial, we are going to make up a blank business card template ready to print in Photoshop. Follow this walkthrough in Adobe Photoshop to create your own business card design in next tutorials.

Step 1

Ok, so the very first thing we need to do is create a New Document. File > New. Note also that because we are making something for print you should set the Resolution to 400dpi to high-quality print and Color Mode should be set to CMYK.

Step 2

When sending things off to printers however, you need to add a sort of border around the image called a Bleed. Generally speaking 3mm – 5mm is a good amount of bleed. Is a simple way to do that Image > Canvas Size or Alt + Ctrl + C. I have to give the 3mm to the width and height 88,9+3 = 91,9mm 50,8+3= 53,8mm.

Step 3

Once the document is created, the first thing we need to add are some guides to show us where the edges of the business card are and where the bleed starts.
View > New Guide and then give it a Horizontal position of 3mm. Repeat again with a Vertical position of 88,9mm. and Horizontal position of 50,8mm. Repeat again with a Vertical position of 3mm.

Step 4

Now you have a blank canvas similar to the one below with four guides, each 3mm away from the edge.

So now we have blank template, to make a design go to next tutorial.

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