28 Dec

Pink Business Card

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Pink it’s not just for girls anymore. Depending on the style and color combination you choose, you can inspire a wide range of feelings with your premium pink business card template – from tranquility, to creativity, to even power. Buy this pink business card now only at FreshBusinessCard.
premium pink business cards

Color profile: CMYK
Size: 3.5”x2”
Resolution: 300 dpi
Format: .Cdr
Zip file content: 2 .Cdr full layered, (front and back design) and the readme file.

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Price: 3 USD   


  1. marianchus 27-09-11 3:29 am

    Hello, I’ve just bought the Pink Business Card Template, but once I download the file it wont let me open it!! I think it’s damaged! Can you send me the right file asap please?

  2. admin 27-09-11 5:47 pm

    ZIP file is Okay and CDR file too, just checked. With what file you have a problem zip or cdr ?

  3. Elizabeth Howell 13-09-13 6:30 pm

    Hello there,
    I love these cards. Can you give me a price and details about the design setup.


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