14 Mar

Bokeh Business Card III

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Hello and happy Monday everyone !!! Today we have created another business card from BOKEH series. This business card has a professional modern creative style, brings a modern unique look and feel for your business marketing. Although, this business card can fit any business setting if your looking for a stand out stylish look. All text layers in editable version are full type and can be edited with the click of a Button. You can easily change color of business card and make many variations as you wish. Just download this template for free !!!

TOS: You may use these personal business card templates in any way you want but you are not allowed to make these personal business card templates available for download outside of this website.

keywords: bokeh business cards, business cards templates, printing online
Size: 3.5”x2” (Excluding bleed area)
Resolution: 400 dpi
Format: .PSD
Zip file content: PSD full layered file.

  1. Avenart 14-03-11 11:35 pm

    Nice dreamy design…

  2. ozyns 18-03-11 10:38 am

    Nice colors 🙂

  3. admin 18-03-11 11:21 am

    Thank you so much 🙂

  4. Jenny 18-03-11 7:00 pm

    I don’t see the download link anywhere…

  5. admin 18-03-11 8:16 pm

    Hi Jenny, just click download button. Here you have a preview of this button: http://vectorella.home.pl/autoinstalator/wordpress11/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/download.png

  6. Humberto 22-04-11 2:57 pm

    Thanks a lot!!

  7. safdfasd 30-04-11 12:27 pm


  8. photog 17-05-11 5:48 am

    Hi, the downloaded file is corrupted, i can’t download it fully. appreciate your help.

  9. admin 17-05-11 3:32 pm

    Hi photog,

    Everything looks fine, I download this business card and open without any problem. Does someone have the same problem as photog ?

  10. mizi 28-06-11 4:31 am

    Thank`s a lot……

  11. Ronald 3-10-11 8:38 am

    nice and colourful

  12. jorge 20-10-11 12:54 am

    very nice!!!

  13. stella 22-11-11 5:00 pm


  14. stella85 22-11-11 5:02 pm


  15. Istanbul Kartvizit 1-12-11 1:13 pm

    great colors and designs..thanks a lot

  16. esic 7-02-12 2:43 pm

    how can i download it, can you say?

  17. admin 7-02-12 3:16 pm

    Just click the download button It’s a small brown box at the bottom of entry

  18. sohrab 7-03-12 10:33 pm

    Hi, i opend the psd file with photoshop but the layer is locked and i cannot edit anything!! what do i have to do?

  19. admin 13-03-12 4:14 pm

    Hello sohrab, Do you have the original photoshop ?

  20. chary 31-03-12 3:59 am

    thank you soo much. i have been lookin for an edgy business card for a week. and this has answered my problem.,

  21. raikko 22-07-12 12:40 am

    Very nice.

  22. budd 7-11-12 4:17 am

    wonderful card

  23. Aftab 8-01-13 8:05 am


  24. yorchenator 6-09-13 5:21 am


  25. yorchenator 6-09-13 5:23 am

    love the colors.

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