07 Mar

37+ Mini Business Cards

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Want to stand out and be noticed at your next conference ? Why Not Use a Mini Business Card ? There is an one good argument to use minicards – “mini is beautiful” :). To show you how great these mini business cards are, we listed below 37 designs. To know more about each design, such as information about the printer and cost of printing a similar minicard, just click on the preview images provided below. Some of these minicards are really unique !!!

1. Mini Business Card by pixxlz
Green Mini Business Cards

2. Mini Business Card by Cacu Mello

3. Yellow Mini Business Card by Amber Ulmer

4. Color Mini Business Card by Disco Stink

5. Black Mini Business Cards by Tj Cosgrove

6. Food App Mini Cards by Food App cards

7. Mini Business Cards by julochka

8. Mini Moo Cards by kylacovert

9. Mini Cards by SURGERY7

10. Mini Business Cards by SURGERY7

11. QR Mini Business Cards by The Daring Librarian

12. Mini card by allison wright studios

13. Business Card by digitaldion

14. Mini Business Card by katertaterphoto

15. Mini Business Card by Meghan Rickard

16. Photo Mini Business Card by Felix Russell-Saw

17. Mini Cards by Anusha Iyer

18. Mini Cards by iBarto

19. Mini Cards by Courtney Dirks

20. Mini Cards by colinjcampbell

21. Mini Cards by emma block

22. Mini Cards by Limerick6

23. Mini Business Card by adrianh

24. Mini Business Card by nice icing

25. Mini Card by kevinhansenphoto

26. Mini Card by Scott Smith Photography

27. Mini Card by Ryan Grantier

28. Mini Card by Jazzybam

29. Mini Cards by mandymooo

30. Mini Cards by PodgyPanda

31. Mini Cards by MartíApunts

32. Mini Cards by JoeCarolino

33. Mini Card by www.spagaten.com

34. Mini Cards by www.Craftsquatch.com

35. Mini Cards by patrick h. lauke

36. Mini Cards by martinpendry

37. Mini Business Card by CJS Illustration

  1. Vladimir 7-03-11 5:49 pm

    Some of these cards look very nice, thanks 🙂

  2. teerapuch 8-03-11 2:43 am

    it so good inspiration on mini cards thanks

  3. Hendra 8-03-11 4:25 am

    Creative business card…. simple and awesome

  4. FirstColour 8-03-11 11:12 am

    Some great examples here, pretty cool to see the amount of creativity possible on such a small space.

  5. Felix Russell-Saw 14-03-11 7:56 pm

    Great stuff!
    Lovely to see my ones up there!
    I need to design some more with my new website on though, now I just have hundreds of old ones lying around!

  6. PDCWindsor 28-03-11 9:49 am

    These are awesome, great to see some business cards which really stand out.

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