11 Apr

40+ Luxury Business Cards

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The best way stand out in a crowd is to be different. Thus, in a modern world such as ours, one way to get noticed is to go luxury. This can also be applied to business cards, giving your business card a luxury look will make it memorable. Looking around the web, we realized that there are lots of luxury business cards that look very fresh and unique. For your inspiration, here are a total of 40 luxury business cards. Most of these cards are a mix of gold elements while some are very rich looking, they were printed using modern and advanced printing techniques. To know more about each card, such as the designer, printer, process used to produce it, just click on the preview image provided for each business card.

1. Luxury Business Card by Felix Auer

2. Luxury Business Card by Windsor Assurance
This slightly over-sized business card was printed with two colors, embossed with a sculpted brass die, and foil stamped, with another pass of printing on top of the foil stamp with black ink.

3. Luxury Business Card by Beast Pieces

4. Letterpress Luxury Business Card by Beast Pieces

5. Letterpress Luxury Business Card by Smock Letterpress

6. Luxury Business Card by movingbrands

7. Luxury Business Card by atlemo

8. Luxury Business Card by BusinessCardDesignIdeas

9. Letterpress Luxury Business Card by fortress letterpress

10. Letterpress Luxury Business Card by Murten Saerbi

11. Luxury Business Card by Murphy & Co – Offset & Letterpress Business Card

12. Denim Letterpress Luxury Business Cards by Kiya

13. Denim Luxury Business Cards by Kiya Babzani

14. Luxury Business Cards by by the Robin Sheperd Group

15. Luxury Business Cards by Lotus Design

16. Luxury Business Cards by Piccolo Takes All

17. Luxury Business Cards by dolcepress

18. Luxury Business Cards by Ishtar olivera

19. Luxury Business Cards by Smock Letterpress

20. Luxury Business Cards by Dingbat Press

21. Luxury Business Cards by Dingbat Press

22. Luxury Business Cards by dolcepress

23. Luxury Business Cards by dolcepress

24. Luxury Business Cards by Michaela Edwards

25. Luxury Business Cards by Magnasoma

26. Luxury Business Cards by Murten Saerbi

27. Luxury Business Cards by Publicide

28. Luxury Business Cards by grafikcache

29. Luxury Business Cards by -K∆te McL∆ren-

30. Luxury Business Cards by Blushing Pearl

31. Golden Luxury Business Cardsby b-type design

32. Luxury Business Cardsby by dolcepress

33. Luxury Business Cards by dolcepress

34. Luxury Business Cards by dolcepress

35. Luxury Business Cards by dolcepress

36. Luxury Business Cards by dolcepress

37. Luxury Business Cards by Nathaniel Hebert

38. Luxury Business Cards by avlxyz

39. Luxury Business Cards

40. Luxury Business Cards by Villainy and Associates

  1. Johann H Claassen 11-04-11 10:34 am

    Out of this world! Class!

  2. kelvin.chen28 12-04-11 4:05 am

    yeah it was fine to the business peoples ……to do their business surroundings …to the world ….thank you…..

  3. Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All 12-04-11 11:05 am

    I am surprised to see my business cards here… There is nothing luxurious about them. They are simple – one-color laser printed on plain card stock – That’s it!

  4. George Inglis 12-04-11 9:31 pm

    I’d love to have a client with a big enough budget to do something like this

  5. Evan 15-04-11 1:33 pm

    Thanks for sharing some of our recent work!

  6. Alessandro Gugliotta 20-04-11 4:26 pm

    Thank you for posting some of our work!

  7. admin 20-04-11 5:57 pm

    You’re welcome 🙂

  8. pinkograf 18-05-11 4:57 pm

    Very elegant business cards! I love business cards. But surely these business cards are expensive. Embossing, hot foil gold, die cut and original shapes are options that bump up the price of the business cards. And also the special paper used… here in Italy “Fedrigoni” it’s a big company with luxury paper…. but the price is high.
    But if you want to be unique….

  9. Matt Holton 10-06-11 9:21 am

    Some lovely stuff here. Simple, structured, elegant and beautifully realised.

  10. Peter Nguyen 26-07-11 7:04 pm

    Some nice examples here. But you left out USB Business Cards. They’re not only unique and cool, but very useful as well. You can preload all kind of content into the USB flash drives such as product catalog, videos, Powerpoint presentations, etc.

  11. Dwayne@ BPA POS 21-09-11 4:28 pm

    These are amazing business cards. You don’t see much luxury designs anymore. Thanks.

  12. Jacque 30-01-12 5:12 am

    Beautiful desing! But, where can I find a printing services for these kind of Business Cards? any website?

  13. Plastic id cards online 8-11-12 11:03 am

    Business cards really helped us for advertising our business.

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