05 Apr

Restaurant Business Card

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Restaurant business highly depends on qualitative advertisement from satisfied customers. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a restaurant business card is obviously food. If you have a restaurant, catering, bar or any business that offer exclusive food, this business card is for you.

TOS: You may use this business card in any way you want but you are not allowed to make this business card template available for download outside of this website.

Size: 3.5”x2” (Excluding bleed area)
Resolution: 400 dpi
Format: Adobe Photoshop .psd
Keywords: business cards, restaurant business card, free template

  1. Ira S. 5-04-11 10:55 am

    Restaurants can also increase their business by sending out Happy Birthday cards with a voucher inside. This can be designed, signed and snail mailed all from the computer for less than $1 plus postage, to grow your business through customer relationship management. Everyone likes to be remembered and receive a real greeting card in the mail.

  2. julie 8-04-11 9:35 am

    Happy birthday cards are a good idea provided you have captured the relevant data!
    The stars are good, perhaps if the restaurant has lots of great reviews on tripadvisor or something, they could detail it here and really make the most of those reviews and the star rating!

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