How to Create a Business Cards

Why do we actually need a business card?

There are at least three reasons for which it is good to have a visit card
First of all, it helps making new contacts. Second of all, business cards make it easier to memorize the name and the surname. Thirdly, they help to create a professional image for our interlocutor.According to a fact that the business cards can be used in different branches they are classified in different groups:

The business visit card (with the logo of the company, with the name and surname of the owner together with his professional position, the contact data (post address, e-mail address, phone, fax) the type of company’s service (sometimes considering its website), sometimes also including an extra content for instance: the full name of the company (for an accurate invoice filling) the bank account, a map showing the way to approach the company, the owner’s photo est.

A personal visit card- containing the name and surname of its owner, sometimes his educational degree, there can be additional information included as well (considering the contact and the address of the club the owner is a member of)

A family visit card – usually containing only names and a surname without an address, attached together with the deliveries of gifts or while making new contacts

A combinational- mixed visit card – with elements typical of the personal or business visit card

How a proper visit card should be made?

1. Simplicity
A good visit card should be maximally simple in form, pure, economical accenting the prestige and professionalism.

2. Readable
Readable visit card enables to recognize the person it represents and it presents the way to contact this individual at the first sight. Such a business card should include necessary information. Private visit card should of course differ from the business one. In case of the former it hold name the phone number, e-mail and address except from the name and the surname. The business card should contain the full name of the company with its logo and its address. The amount of the infos given on the visit card should be limited. Numerous numbers and addresses causes the visit card stop representing it function. Visit card must not deal with giving an accurate characteristics of the company’s services or its offers. These functions have different ad-materials. The website address fulfills the tast of informing the customers about all the rest. Too mant colours or drawings on the visit card spoils its fvunction and obscures the information. The same can be said about wrong italics used on a visit card. That is why it is adviced to use the simplest italics possible (not exaggerated, unique patterns).

3. Originality
A good visit card should be characteristic. It should have a personality. Its corners can be rounded or wood or plastic can be used as the material for its composition. The paper visit cards can make real miracles. The only one thing needed to know is a fact we have hundreds and thousands of different paper samples. There is always something unique to be found. That it is why it is worth to search for it. The paper can be also laminated. Furthermore it is possible to engrave the visit card, put the ready pattern on die cut, relief printing, combination of varied materials of different kinds. There are lots of possibilities. That is why we should not be afraid of interesting projects and uncommon solutions. Beyond we present varied examples of non conventional business cards on our website:

The simple and economical form , elegant and readable. This is how a well designed business card look like.